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Handball has gained tremendous importance as a global sport over the past few years. Increasing worldwide presence also sets new standards to the technical services provided for individual matches or entire series. Media-compatible presentation already starts with the draw that can be watched on a designated website.

Eye-catching TV graphics and live results services provided to commentators and live results web services put your sport in the right perspective. You can also rely on the
SWISS TIMING professional service when it comes to the organization of internal processes, including accreditation prior to the event, list printing just when the match is finished and production of result CDs with individual and team statistics.

How does it work?

Video wall control

Regardless if the viewers are watching the event live in the arena, on TV or over the Internet, they are quickly provided with background information on each match. Each relevant player or team action is gathered and immediately distributed to connected systems. Scouters use an interactive user interface to enter, accumulate and present up to 30 different parameters on attack and defense actions.

To access information on the success quota of a team or the goalkeeper´s efficiency, commentators simply use the touch screen terminal. In addition, the throw speed can be made available and may also be presented as TV graphics. Coaches and players appreciate the provision of comprehensive throw position analysis information after the match.

Magnifiers and birds-eye perspective make it possible to visualise technique and tactics that are unavailable in common statistics.

Scope of service

Beach Handball

  • Registration and accreditation
  • Competition control and management software
  • Flash animated draw visualization
  • Scouting with handhelds or touch screens
  • Interface to official time keeping and manual timing software ”WinClock” as backup function
  • Online interface for internet live results
  • OVR
  • TV and scoreboard graphics
  • Analysis tools such as tvPAINT

Scoring and Scouting

  • Automatic competition control
  • Gathering and processing of match relevant data
  • Calculation of results (cumulative player and team statistics, standings, ranking, cup rankings)


  • Creation and printing of start lists, data entry and results production, with integration of sponsor and tournament logos
  • Provision of permanent score, match time, penalties, statistics to displays like scoreboards
  • Live results to TV graphics, information systems and Internet

TV graphics

  • Development and design
  • Production of online graphics in 2D or 3D, SD and HD
  • Full screen graphics (tournament schedule, seeding, tables, etc.)
  • Permanent score and match time
  • Penalties
  • Statistics
  • Editable graphics
  • Graphics layout in accordance with competition management
  • Integration of sponsor logos

Scoreboard graphics and data provision

Scoreboard graphics

  • Provision of statistics to scoreboards via defined data protocol, with or without layout information for display
  • Development and design for scoreboard graphics to LED or video walls
  • Full screen graphics (tournament schedule, seeding, tables, etc.)
  • Permanent score and match time
  • Player and team statistics
  • Editable graphics
  • Graphics layout in accordance with corporate identity
  • Integration of sponsor logos

Virtual graphics

  • Actions or situations are explained to TV viewers using powerful tools for drawing in TV pictures

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