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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Reign of FIX in The 21st Century in The South Atlantic

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File:South georgia Islands map-en.svg
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South Georgia Island
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View of King Edward Point Research Station on South Georgia Island
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... Gloucester D-96 at King Edward Point, Grytviken, South Georgia Island.
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In many ways South Georgiaepitomizes the South, and the photographic ...
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Stromness is an abandoned whaling station on South Georgia Island.
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The arduous trek of these men both began and ended on South Georgia Island.
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South Georgia IslandShackleton Route 1916 Map -South Georgia Island...
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Nature > Blue, Tall Iceberg,South Georgia Island
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South Georgia Island- Pekka Kosloff. The London-born merchant Antoine de la ...
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South Georgia IslandPenguins
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More photos I took while I as at Grytviken, South Georgia Island.
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... Jamie Watts over South Georgia Island in the Southern Ocean.
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King Penguins and Snow-covered Mountains on South Georgia Island
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Glacial wiev.jpg - Our last day inSouth Georgia the ship sailed into the
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Colony of King Penguins, Gold Harbour, South Georgia Island, Antarctic Ocean ...
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South Georgia Island by Robert Knight, Carmel, California, USA
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Rushing Waters, South Georgia Island Desktop Wallpaper
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South Georgia Cruises to Antarctica Georgia Southern Cruise
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More FIX on the NET @ FIX University Cultural Campus

PBS - Travels to the Edge With Art Wolfe - The Southern Ocean, South Georgia Island

The Southern Ocean: South Georgia Island Lying between wind-ravaged Cape Horn and Antarctica, South Georgia Island is an icy oasis with an ...

by ZZZFROMHELLZZZ 6 months ago 4,608 views

North South Georgia [Island]

A quick flyby of a day on a beach in South Georgia

by HotchkissSchool 3 years ago 1,406 views

Adventure Philosophy - paddling around South Georgia Island

The Adventure Philosophy team (Marcus Waters, Mark Jones & Graham Charles) achieved a world first with their 2005 expedition to circumnavigate ...

by AdventurePhilosophy 4 years ago 1,487 views

Wildlife on South Georgia island

Gold Harbour on South Georgia is home to a huge king penguin colony. Together with my shipmates Pete and Danny I walked up to the edge. Besides ...

by mcvdds 1 year ago 128 views

Kiwiroa arrives at South Georgia island with a broken boom!

Five days of sailing away from the Falkland Islands, sailyacht Kiwiroa (Pete, Danny and Maarten) arrives at the subantarctic island of South ...

by mcvdds 1 year ago 335 views

Antarctic fur seals at South Georgia island

Antarctic fur seals are commonly seen on Antarctica cruises that visit South Georgia. This footage was shot on the beach at Salisbury Plain, South ...

by TravelWildEX 1 year ago 507 views

Art Wolfe South Georgia Island scene desktop

Art Wolfe South Georgia

by jochumkole 2 years ago 843 views

King penguins - South Georgia Island

King Penguin. This video was made in South Georgia Island. They were very inquisitive and approached me. Filmed in South Georgia Island in 2006 ...

by AussieVisa 4 years ago 3,659 views

Battle Combat Elephant Seals Hunter Johnson Music Video You Tube.m4v

Elephant Seal Battle - Antarctica - South Georgia Island Music Stream at -- -- Territorial male elephant seals ...

by AntarcticaSuite 2 years ago 18,586 views

The Southern Ocean South Georgia Island Part 2

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI) is a British overseas territory in the southern Atlantic Ocean. It is a remote and ...

by saptakmandal 1 year ago 228 views

Antarctic Spring - Iris Bay to Gold Harbor South Georgia island

Antarctic Spring - - in South Georgia Island. Original Music by C. Hunter Johnson - - Ice Bergs and ...

by AntarcticaSuite 2 years ago 517 views

Warren Miller's Film Crew Travels To South Georgia Island

Warren Miller's film crew heads into South Georgia in search of an epic mountain to shred.

by WarrenMillerEnt 2 months ago 42 views

Curious Sea Lions of South Georgia Island's Gold Coast

Stroll the coast of Gold Harbor on South Georgia Island, home to thousands of penguins, sea lions — and for one afternoon a year — about 100 ...

by lindbladexpeditions 3 months ago 74 views

Warren Miller's Film Crew Prepares to Ascend Nordenskjold Peak, South Georgia Island

The Warren Miller film crew prepares to ascend Nordenskjold Peak.

by WarrenMillerEnt 2 months ago 31 views

Penguins in the Antarctic island of South Georgia

This "Sunday Morning" moment of nature takes you to the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgiahome to King Penguins, second in size only to the ...

by CBS 8 months ago 215 views

Hiking Among Villages on South Georgia Island

Take a short hike between two villages on South Georgia Island with National Geographic expert Kim Heacox.

by lindbladexpeditions 3 months ago 158 views

Warren Miller's Film Crew Battles High Speed Winds on South Georgia Island

Mind blowing winds force the Warren Miller Film Crew to pack up and retreat back to their boat.

by WarrenMillerEnt 2 months ago 49 views

South Georgia Island

Antarctic species of penguin & seals, large waves, unpredictable weather...a whole lotta fun.

by SHOTGUNDAVE5880 5 years ago 436 views

Warren Miller's Film Crew Has Their First Climb on South Georgia Island

Exploring the land of South Georgia Island, the Warren Miller film crew tackles their first hike and descent of many on the island.

by WarrenMillerEnt 2 months ago 15 views

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